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You pledged.  Hopefully you kept in touch with your brothers, or maybe you lost touch after graduation.  Either way, Sammy Tri-State is a great way to pick up where you left off, rekindle connections, or expand your reach to alumni from other chapters.

Whether it's business or pleasure, with a social or philanthropic goal, it's available here at the Sigma Alpha Mu Tri-State Alumni Club.


The Sigma Alpha Mu Tri-State Alumni Club’s mission is to promote and provide a Spirit of Fraternity, Mutual Moral Aid and Support through the Sigma Alpha Mu Tri-State Alumni Club, and all its Subgroups, in order to mutually build and strengthen our networks and friendships. To Foster and Maintain these networks and friendships to the advantage of all Members by providing events, mentorship, and access to social & business opportunities. Through this mission, we will continue to grow our Membership and set an example for all other Alumni Groups to follow.

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