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Sammy Tri-State changed my life -- the networking opportunities helped me get a fantastic new job!

Neil Murman
University of Pittsburgh 1985

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Sammy Tri-State is an excellent networking forum, with capabilities beyond just business.  When my wife needed hip surgery, my inbox overflowed with suggestions and offers of introduction.  We interviewed several capable surgeons, chose wisely and had a successful outcome.  Benefits beyond a balance sheet are what this alumni club is all about.

Fred Komson
NYU 1961

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Sammy Tri-State has been fantastic for me. It has given me the opportunity to reconnect with brothers I haven't seen in years, meet brothers from other chapters and generations! In addition to the great friendships, I have also made great business connections. The group has had a positive influence on both my personal and professional life. If you're not involved in Sammy Tri-State now, I highly recommend it!

Matt Morse
SUNY Stony Brook 2003

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