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Call for Nominations: Vice Prior and Exchequer for Sammy Tri-State | Deadline 9/25/23

In October we will have an opening on the Board of Directors of the Sigma Alpha Mu Tri-State Alumni Club for two positions, Exchequer and Vice Prior. Both are two-year terms.

This is a great opportunity to affect the growth and direction of the Alumni Club moving forward.

Our current Exchequer is Tony Panebianco and our current Vice Prior is Jason Springer .

The Exchequer oversees the finances of the Alumni Club. The Exchequer must have an up to date knowledge of current financial and accounting electronic applications, the ability to document financial transactions and to provide detailed and accurate financial information to the Board and Membership. Additionally, the Exchequer currently oversees our Events and Programming Committee.

The Vice Prior assists the Prior and performs duties of the Prior in his absence. Additionally, the Vice Prior currently oversees our Membership committee.

Anyone that is interested in running for the Exchequer or Vice Prior positions must be:

  • Nominated by another brother.

    • Nominations must be received by the Board of Directors in writing by 5pm Monday September 25th.

  • Currently serving on a committee (Now is the perfect time to join a committee if you are not already serving on one).

  • Prior to submitting a nomination, please speak with the candidate you are nominating.

  • Nominees will have until Wednesday September 27th at 5pm to accept their nomination.

All members of the alumni Club by September 25th, 2023 in good standing will have the opportunity to cast their vote, and to select the future leadership of the Sigma Alpha Mu Tri-State Alumni Club.


Fra Joe Weinholtz,

Prior for Sigma Alpha Mu Tri-State Alumni Club

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