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A Nu Sammy Starts An Animal Sanctuary: Fra Peter Nussbaum

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Starting with two rescued roosters in 2013, Tamerlaine Sanctuary and Preserve Co-Founders Fra Peter Nussbaum and wife Gabrielle Stubbert have since adopted hundreds of furry and feathered friends, diverting them from the dinner table.

Peter and Gabby are a real-life Green Acres couple decamping from Manhattan to rural NJ. Over 250 animals now call Tamerlaine Sanctuary and Preserve their home. They all have unique personalities and personal histories, including animals rescued from factory farms, ritual sacrifices, abandoned urban slaughterhouses, and wandering New York City's streets. "We provide a loving home and individualized approach to the long-term care of our animal residents who find a safe haven at Tamerlaine Sanctuary," says Farmer Pete. Tamerlaine is open to the public for educational tours and events, featuring a beautiful & historic 1774-7 bedroom Airbnb overlooking the entire sanctuary. Connect with farmed animals and experience nature at the Preserve. You can tour, volunteer, or have your special event at the sanctuary.

You can meet Peter and Gabby at the farm on Flocktoberfest 9/30/23 1 til 5pm. Eat, drink and enjoy the music of the Jonah Smith Band. Plenty of Nu Sammies will be there to support the event.

Editor’s Note: We had a blast -- Helen got to pet all the animals. Thanks, Pete for the backstage tour. These animals are living their best lives. There is a chicken in a wheelchair that gets physical therapy. Pete is a fraternity man who has taken Animal House to a whole new level!


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