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Good Times at the Subway Series with Sammy Tri-State!

Sammy Tri-State scored a good deal on great seats at Yankee Stadium for the Subway Series. Cross-town rivals Mets vs Yankees always pack 'em in, and we packed in 55 Sammy Tri-State Members and their families. Attendees spanned across decades and chapters, as is usual for our events.

We met at Yankee Tavern for pre-game drinks, and stayed until the bottom of the ninth.

Tri-State organized the block purchase. Fra Tony Panebianco and his Events Committee did all the legwork to source the tickets, negotiate the price and some perks, as well as the logistics of distributing tickets, and redistributing last-minute cancelations.

Honorable mention to Fra Scott Lennett for rounding up the crew from UB's Nu Chapter.

Some photos are posted below. Email yours to SammyTriState (at) Gmail (dot) com and we'll post em here and on our Tri-State Facebook group page.

Sammy baseball outings were previously organized as one-offs by chapter, or as a group of brothers piggybacking some other larger party. Sammy Tri-State last year decided to centralize this effort so that the wheel would not have to be reinvented every season. This was our second annual official Subway Series outing and our best-attended event.

Our goal at your Tri-State Alumni Club is to make good times like this as user-friendly as possible for our members. Your Board and Committees volunteer to do all the legwork behind the scenes and layout deposits so that members can simply show up and enjoy events after two clicks (click here to pay your annual dues, and click here to buy tickets).

We are doing it again starting in September:

  • 9/11 Monday Night Football - Bills at Jets

  • 9/23 Family BBQ

  • October TBD - Fall Golf Outing Fundraiser for Alzheimer's

  • Fall happy hour TBD

Looking forward to seeing you at our next event!

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