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NYU is Back! Five Sophomores Initiated as Re-Founding Fathers

At 5pm Friday September 1st, 2023 Sigma Alpha Mu initiated five sophomores as Re-Founding Fathers of our Mu Omicron Chapter at NYU. The ceremony was led by Supreme Prior David Kleppel and Executive Director Andy Huston with participation by seven local alumni. Staffer AJ Davis provided logistical support for the ceremony as well as boots on the ground for shepherding these young men to this momentous day.

The Tri-State Alumni Club delegation included Fra's Jeff Beal, Anthony Berti, Roman Ciosek, and Michael Kawochka.

The after party was dinner at Song’E Napule Pizzeria & Trattoria, where the alumni go to better know the undergrads. Our Founding Five hail from Seattle to Helsinki.

Mu Omicron was originally founded in 1949. SP David Kleppel recited a detailed history of the original founders -- it reads like a who's who in medicine, law, politics, and education including some bona fide captains of industry. Among those original founders was David's father, the late Fra Dr Noel Kleppel. Fra Dr Kleppel entered Chapter Eternal in 2019. This written and oral history of Mu Omicron men was lived firsthand by David, as the original founders were like uncles to him.

In that sense, this initiation was especially poignant and remarkable for its singularity of serendipitous datapoints: a current supreme prior presiding over an initiation of refounders of a chapter where his father was an original founder. It is emblematic of and speaks to our legacy of true manhood, democracy, and humanity.

As for our newest initiates, we can't wait to see what these young men do next!


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1 Comment

Proud and happy to have been there and participated. A great group of guys and I am expecting great things from them

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