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Sammy Monday Night Football Recap 9/11

Ten Sammy Tri-Staters and family took in the Monday Night Football season opener at Metlife Stadium to see the Buffalo Bills take on the NY Jets at home.

As usual, the attendees spanned decades and chapters -- old friends were reunited and new connections were made. Earlybirds got to tailgate with Fra Alex Kline at his legendary party bus.

Aaron Rodgers' much-anticipated debut was cut short along with his Achilles tendon on his fourth play, but Sammy brothers enjoyed each other's company all the way through overtime.

Some of our Nu Chapter brethren were predictably rooting for the visiting Bills, but AFC rivalries did not get in the way of the "spirit of fraternity" invoked in our creed.

Our events committee scored discounted tickets with great sightlines in the 336 section above the 20-yard line. Attendees who made their way up from the 100's said that we had a better view of the game.

Our goal at your Tri-State Alumni Club is to make good times like this as user-friendly as possible for our members. Your Board and Committees volunteer to do all the legwork behind the scenes and layout deposits so that members can simply show up and enjoy events after two clicks (click here to pay your annual dues, and click here to buy tickets).

This meetup heralds the Fall Lineup of Sammy Tri-State events:

  • SAM Fam BBQ - 9/23/23

  • Fall Golf Fundraiser & Luncheon - 11/4/23

  • Fall Happy Hour TBD

What events would you like to attend with your brothers? Skydiving? Birdwatching? If there is demand amongst our members, we'll make it happen! Email SammyTriState (at) gmail (dot) com with ideas.


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