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With an Ax to Grind, Sammies Bury the Hatchett in Brooklyn

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Where the foot of Noble Street meets the East River, seven stalwart Sammy Tri-Staters met up May 12th on the Greenpoint waterfront for a serious affair -- to drink beer, eat pizza and competitively throw hatchets and tomahawks at stationary, yet elusive pine targets.

Rotating rounds of Blackjack, Round The World, Roll the Dice, and Pop the Balloon kept it fresh. Paulie Gee's Slice Shop catered dinner, and our on-site bartender kept us hydrated with exotic microbrews.

Attorney at Law Fra Matt Schaefer successfully litigated a scoring dispute in his team's favor. The decision was upheld by an impartial umpire.

The Manhattan skyline was the perfect backdrop for selfies before and after the event on the Brooklyn waterfront.

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